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Our Story

Just Moo’s story starts with a life changing moment in 2014. Life was exceptionally good, I had a loving dairy farming husband, a healthy beautiful daughter who was 18 months old, and I was on the path to my dream job as a Paramedic in the Welsh Ambulance service, we lived on the family farm (3RD generation) in beautiful North Wales. The only thing missing was a sibling for our daughter. We were attending our 12-week scan for baby number 2, when everything changed. TWINS!! Most new parents expecting their 1st child often comment on how nice it would be to have twins but there is not many thinking that 2nd time around!! My twin girls arrived 3 weeks after my eldest 2nd birthday!

Life as I knew it changed!

My husband is doomed to be outnumbered by women in the house!! Shift work and a dairy farm did not make for convenient childcare arrangements – who would want to look after 3 babies at 4 am! The decision was made for me to leave my career behind and I started to look at different ways to diversify with our milk and the farm. Ice-cream, cheese, and glamping were just some of the ideas, but not feasible with young children.

Over coffee one day with my mum, she asked if it was possible to make soap with our milk after receiving present of a goat’s milk soap. Cleopatra bathed in milk so why couldn’t I put Cow’s milk into soap?

And so Just Moo started!

Before starting I felt strongly about using natural and eco-friendly products on my children and during this time discovered the benefits of both coconut oil and aloe vera (both would always be found in my nappy bag, and still in my handbag in some form), so I knew what I wanted to achieve with my end product. My soaps are Palm Oil free and contain no artificial ingredients.

Over the course of a year I adapted my recipes and used friends and family as guinea pigs (and they are still being asked to test different product), and after several debates and a few glasses of wine “Just Moo” brand was born. My first stall was in July 2019 at my local village fair.

Where possible I use local ingredients; honey produced by local Conwy Beekeepers, lavender flowers and cucumbers are from my mum’s garden.

All the ingredients used have been carefully selected for their different properties, from exfoliation, to soothing, to moisturising.

Just Moo are soft and gentle on the skin and offer amazing cleansing abilities. Due to the natural ingredients and the fresh milk, the soaps are great on sensitive skin, and may help skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Switch out your body wash in the shower for a Just Moo Cow’s Milk Soap and I’m sure you won’t change back